Your event and program, our facilities: it's a winning combination! 

Pineview proudly serves a wide variety of groups, and we do so in many capacities. Some groups simply need lodging, and we've got that covered. Other groups would like food service and activities. We can cover that, too. Whatever your needs, Pineview will joyfully serve you within the boundaries of our faith, facilities and staff availability!

Contact us through this website so we can create a package that best suits your group. If you just have some questions, comments or only want to provide some general information, please click the CONTACT US Button below, and use the GET IN TOUCH form on the bottom of the page.  

If you are interested in receiving a QUOTE for your potential event at Pineview, then we require more information. The Inquiry Form will require you to have the following types of questions answered or ready to work through: How many people will attend your event? Which of our three lodging buildings do you prefer? Is your group children, youth, adults, couples or families? Are you desiring to cook your own meals, or have it catered locally, or have a Pineview staff assist you in meal preparation? Which of our activities do you desire? What's your budget? etc.  If you are ready to provide a full inquiry, please click on the INQUIRY FORM Button below.  


Pineview Camp is located one hour north of Jackson, Mississippi, and two hours south of Memphis, TN. Pineview exists to provide summer camp for children, kids, youth and teens, as well as events like couples retreats, family reunions, events for men, women, singles, couples, families, churches, groups, schools, universities, corporations and businesses. Pineview offers lodging, meals, activities, meeting rooms, equipment, guest services, fun and recreation. Contact Pineview in West, MS today at 662-792-4288 or