initial needs & EXpansion goals

As you can imagine, there are substantial needs in establishing any new ministry – but especially a full camp and retreat center facility when you consider all the grounds, facilities, equipment, supplies, promotion, development and financial needs. Below is a list of the Pineview initial needs and current dream list. We are trusting the Lord to motivate and inspire people to help Pineview according to the Lord’s leading, and dream big with us!  Donations are not to be received in Mississippi, but through our main corporate office in Oklahoma. Oakridge Ministries, INC is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) corporation, and all gifts made to the Oakridge office in Oklahoma are fully tax-deductible in accordance with federal and state law. 


Dining Hall Dishwasher Removal

Retreat House - Commercial Kitchen Renovation

Construction: Retreat House - Second Dorm

Construction: Retreat House - Third Floor Dorm

Construction: Pavilion Rooms

Carpet Installation: Pavilion Rooms (2)

General maintenance and repairs


Convection Oven (1) = $2,000

Food Warmers (2) @ $1,500 = $3,000

Ice Machine = $3,000

RECREATION EQUIPMENT (short term / immediate)

to build

9 Square in the Air = $1500

King Swing = $500

Campfire = $500

Shuffleboard = $250

TO purchase / obtain

Laser Tag (20) @ $300 = $6,000

Giant Chess = $750

Arrow Tag (16) @ $200 = $3,200

Paintball (30) @ $250 = $7,500

Fish to stock ponds & Fishing Tackle = $500


TO BUILD / obtain

Climbing Wall (in Gym) = $5,000

Low Elements Course (10) @ $500 = $5,000

Zip Lines (3) @ $10,000 = $30,000

Horses (w/ full tack) (4) @ $1,000 = $4,000


Tractor with Implements and Attachments = $15,000

Sound System for Gym = $3,000

Light System for Gym = $3,000

Snack Shack / Concession Equipment = $2,500

FACILITy development (long term)

Indian Village development - tipis on platforms (4) @ $2,500 each = $10,000



Pay off the current Pineview Mortgage

Meet the prayer requests listed above

Register campers for summer 2019 (goal of 600 – approximately 12 groups of 50)

Register retreat guests for 2019 (goal of 300 - approximately 6 retreat groups of 50)

Secure partnerships with groups for annual weeks of camp and year-round events

Please pray about what your role in helping pineview could be


Pineview Camp, located one hour north of Jackson, Mississippi, exists to provide summer camp for children, kids, youth and teens, as well as events like couples retreats, family reunions, events for men, women, singles, couples, families, churches, groups, schools, universities, corporations and businesses. Pineview offers lodging, meals, activities, meeting rooms, equipment, guest services, fun and recreation. Contact Pineview in West, MS today at 662-792-4288 or